Air Plants and Grocery Store Flowers

Add some PIZZAZZ to grocery store bouquets!

air plants and tillandsia

What? Air Plants & Grocery Store Flowers? That’s Right!

I love walking by the floral aisle at the grocery store. Even when I don’t purchase, I always walk slowly, perusing the flower. Life is too short not to stop and at least admire the flowers. Even better than that is to actually buy a bouquet, take them home, and add some air plants to create a beautiful and unique display.

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Transform everyday grocery store flowers into something extraordinary with air plants


Let’s Begin

Gather materials. That way you won’t have to run around finding what you need in the middle of your project. Select your vase and partially fill it with water.

cut stems at angle - air plants and grocery store flowers

Cut flower stems at an angle and strip away leaves.

cut stems at angle - air plants and grocery store flowers

Place the flowers in a vase. If using tulips as in the above example, let the flowers drape over the edge of the vase.

Add a single air plant.

Because air plants are an unexpected addition to a flower bouquet adding just one will have an impact.

tulips and air plant

A single T. tricolor v melanocrater in bloom adds an unexpected pop to this spring bouquet.

pink tulips and T. tectorum

This fuzzy T. tectorum contrasts delightfully with the clean lines of the tulips.

Add Multiple Air Plants

Adding several air plants fills in the bouquet, adds interest and an exquisite finish. Let’s take a look at a couple of different examples.

air plants and cut flowers

T. harrisii grace the edge of the vase and a T. peach capitata sits at the base.

air plants and tulips

The untamed beauty of tulips paired with T. caput-medusae is sure to get noticed.

Securing Air Plants in the Cut Stems

air plant in fresh flowers

Secure the air plant in the cut flowers by gently tucking some of the leaves behind the flower stems.

Air Plant Secured Among Irises

The crimson-tipped T. red abdita sits regally among the irises.

air plants and irises

Several T. green abdita adorn the iris bouquet.

Very Easy. Very Pretty.

I love using air plants because they add an uncommon, yet pleasing dimension to our decor. In short, add air plants and suddenly the ordinary become extraordinary. In this example, an everyday bouquet becomes something special with the addition of air plants. Air plants are an easy way to make the everyday extra special.

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