t. Tectorum

Fuzzy, fun and whimsical meets low-maintenance and easy care.

T. Tectorum

Tillandsia tectorum comes from high in the Andes mountains where these plants are uniquely adapted to their harsh environment. Their fuzzy appearance is due to a profusion of trichomes that shield them from the direct light of the sun. Additionally, the trichomes make the most of what little moisture is available.

This means, that not only do these air plants thrive in direct sunlight, but that misting (never dunking or soaking) is the best means of watering them.

The frequency of watering T. tectorum depends upon your climate. If it is humid where you live, thoroughly misting the plant once every three weeks is sufficient. In arid climates, you will need to mist your T. tectorum once a week.

I highly recommend the Tillandsia tectorum. No air plant collection is complete without at least one T. tectorum.

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