Easter Egg Air Plant Ornaments

Do-It-Yourself Adorable!

air plants - Easter decor

He is Risen!

Creating an Easter egg air plant terrarium is a fun way to celebrate Easter. Free of roots and dirt, air plants are perfected suited to hang gracefully inside a terrarium. You’ll love that this project has no glue or sticky mess!

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You'll love this easy guide to creating your own mini air plant terrariums - perfect for Easter

Materials for Easter Egg Mini Air Plant Terrariums

  1. Clear plastic eggs to become mini Easter terrariums
  2. Raffia or ribbon to hang the eggs
  3. Preserved reindeer moss to add a bit of filler and interest to the mini air plant terrariums
  4. Dried flowers such as amaranth, globe thistles, and billy balls add color
  5. Small air plants such as T. ioantha, T. harrisii, and T. velutina. If ordering by mail, make a note to the seller that you would like small air plants. Click here, to see where I like to buy air plants.
  6. Invisible thread or fishing line to secure the air plant for an open-style terrarium.
  7. Scissors for cutting the moss to size and trimming the thread or fishing line.
  8. A long branch or Easter tree for hanging the mini air plant terrariums.

Instructions: Easter Egg Mini Air Plant Terrariums

preserved moss - air plant egg terrarium

Add a small bit of reindeer moss to an open egg.

preserved moss - air plant egg terrarium

Top the moss with an air plant such as this T. velutina and a dried flower such as this billy ball, for a pop of color.

open air plant mini terrarium

For an open mini air plant terrarium, wind invisible thread or fishing line, around the egg and air plant to secure the air plant in place. Tie a knot to secure thread. I’ve used yarn to make it easier to see. The advantage of this terrarium, is that is allows for air flow around the air plant. Pictured above is T. harrisii. For optimum care, cut the thread to remove the air plant to soak in water once a week. After the air plant dries, place the air plant back in the egg and using the thread, tie back in place.

air plant mini terrariums

Another option is an enclosed terrarium. After filling the egg, snap the two halves of the egg together. Thread raffia through the top and hang. To water the air plant, open the egg and soak the air plant in water for a few hours. Let the plant dry and return to the egg.

Happy Easter!

Wishing you a very happy Easter filled with the light and hope of our Savior!

P.S. If you love Easter eggs, this book, Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco is a family favorite.