Create a Mini Vertical Garden

In 3 Easy Steps

vertical garden - air plants

DIY Mini Vertical Garden

Ready to dress up your refrigerator, or another magnetic space? These mini vertical gardens are so easy, you can put them together in 3 easy steps. You’ll love that there’s no mess, no dirt.

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You'll love this 3 step tutorial for vertical mini gardens



create mini vertical gardens

Step 1: loosely fill the base of the magnetic organizer with reindeer moss.

air plant vertical garden

Step 2: begin adding air plants to the organizer.

magnetic vertical garden

I’ve used 5 T. fasciculata to fill the organizer.

easy magnetic vertical garden

Step 3: Add a splash of color with dried amaranth.

air plants - mini vertical garden

See it again in yellow instead of purple.

T. caput medusae - vertical garden

And here’s T. caput-medusae with yellow billy balls.

mini magnetic garden

If you prefer a garden without embellishments, here’s T. caput-medusae without the billy balls.

How Easy Was That?

In three easy steps: add the moss, insert the air plants and lastly, add a punch of color with dried flowers, you can create your own magnetic air plant mini vertical garden. For more impact, use multiple magnetic organizers.