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The TOP 5 TOOLS I use to grow air plants.

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i’m Anna, the designer and writer at Modern Air Plants. I’m so glad you stopped by. Here at Modern Air Plants we’ll learn all about caring for and showcasing these silvery, pokey, and wonderful, living sculptures we call air plants.

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The TOP 5 TOOLS I use to grow air plants.

Hint: the best 3 are free!

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What are people are saying about Modern Air Plants?

Thanks for the great advice. Now I know how to show off my air plants and also keep than happy and healthy!


This is such a revelation! Thank you for this post. There are so many false ideas about how to water air plants. So great to have a fool – proof way. Thank you!


I love plants in my office space! I wanted to give a friend of mine a plant for her school classroom, but found out she does not have a window. You just gave me the perfect solution. Thanks!