Valentine Gift Ideas


Valentine Gift - air plants

Spread the Love with These Valentine Gift Ideas

Isn’t it wonderful that with all that is wrong in the world, we have Valentine’s Day-a day to say I love you? These simple Valentine gift ideas will make it easy for you to share some love.

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You'll LOVE these air plant Valentine ideas that can be put together in a cinch

Glass Heart Bowl

Nothing says Valentine’s day like hearts. Perfect for a table-top this glass heart bowl is easy as 1-2-3 and makes an elegant Valentine gift.


  1. glass heart-shaped bowl
  2. red sand
  3. red-tinted abdita air plant, or air plant in flower, such as the melanocrater v concolor pictured below


  1. Pour red sand into the bowl.
  2. Give the bowl a little shake or tap to settle the sand.
  3. Place the air plant in the bowl.


flowering air plant - Valentine

This melanocrater v concolor in bloom adds charm to this Valentine.

Valentine Terrarium

This Valentine gift idea is great because it looks classy even after Valentine’s Day is over. The mystical world of terrariums never goes out of style.



  • Pour about 1/3 cup filler rock or top dressing in the bottom of the terrarium.
  • Place a small amount of moss in the back of the terrarium.
  • Near the opening of the terrarium, set your decorative rock.
  • Tie the top of the terrarium with red string.

The foundation for the terrarium has been set. All you need now are the air plants. I’ve included 3 different examples below so that you can see how similar terrariums look with different air plants.

air plant terrarium - valentine gift


Check out this post on proper air plant care. Now that you’ve taken the time to create these gifts, the recipient should know how to care for them 🙂