(SIMPLE &) Romantic Table Setting

Will you be my Valentine?

romantic table setting with air plants

Romantic Table Setting

If you’re looking to create a romantic table setting for your special-someone, you’re in luck! Air plants are a simple way to create that romantic atmosphere you  want. First of all, let’s establish why air plants are an ideal choice:

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  • no water-filled vases required

  • there’s no messy dirt to deal with

  • air plants are long-lasting. You can buy them weeks, or months, beforehand and they will still be in tip-top condition when you need them

  • you can place them virtually anywhere, as they are not tied to their roots.

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Here’s What You’ll Need

  1. tablecloth (optional)
  2. dishes, silverware, napkins
  3. air plants such as: T. xerographica, T. peach capitata, T. meloancrator v tricolor, T. abdita and T. velutina. These are just some ideas, you definitely don’t need all of these.
  4. optional additional items: candle, candlestick, bowl, potted flowering plant-such as a mini orchid

Let’s Get to It!

  1. Gather your materials
  2. Set the table with your dishes
  3. Now, we’re ready for the fun part. Evaluate your romantic air plant design options and choose the one that’s best for your occasion.

Option 1: single air plant with orchid


  • candlestick and holder
  • potted flower, I’m using a mini Dendrobium orchid in my example
  • air plant, I’m using a mini T. xerographica
dinner for 2 - air plants

After the table is set, begin with a single candle centered between the two place settings.

romantic table setting

Next, place a small potted flower, or a vase of flowers in front of the candle.

romantic table setting - air plants

Finally, a single mini T. xerographica, tilted on its side is all it takes to finish the place setting.

Option 2: Romantic Table Setting with a Single Air Plant


  • candlestick and holder
  • 1-2 air plants. You may want 1 air plant per place setting.
red abdita - table setting

Simple and elegant, a single T. red abdita air plant and candle stick. Just cozy up the air plant next to the candle. I like the red abdita for is bright color. It’s like adding a flower without the fuss-no wilting  or water.

capitata - table setting

Because air plants aren’t rooted in soil, and are non-toxic, you can even set them directly on your plate. Pictured above is a charming T. peach capitata.

melanocrater v tricolor - table accent

This stunning T. melanocrater v tricolor in bloom is as simple as it is romantic. Place the air plant next to the plate, wherever it looks best. In this example, I’ve placed the plant between the dinner plate and the wine glass.

Option 3: Using multiple air plants


  • multiple air plants, 3-6
  • bowl for the air plants, optional
abdita - romantic table accent

Multiple T. abditas circle a candle stick. Simply nestle several air plants around the base of the candle. I used 6 plants and they were at least 7 inches wide, each.

peach capitata - table decor

Rather than placing the air plants directly on the table, these T. peach capitatas are placed in a serving bowl. In this instance, I used 3 large T. peach capitatas.

I propose using air plants.

To really up the ante, air plants can be used to display a wedding ring as part of a marriage proposal.

meloanocrater v tricolor - wedding ring

The bright red flower on the T. melanocrater v tricolor brings out the brilliance of the wedding ring. In this case, I’ve placed the ring around the flower stalk.

velutina - table accent

Nothing’s bolder than this T. velutina bearing this wedding band! This setting will only work if the ring is larger than the base of the plant.

Your Turn

As you can see, adding air plants to your special dinner, doesn’t require any special design skills or equipment. All you really need are the air plants. These no-fuss plants can be purchased well in advanced. You won’t have to worry about them wilting or fading. Lastly, as long as they’ve been watered within a week of your dinner, the air plants will look great.

Good luck on your special evening!