DIY Air Plant Gifts

perfect for every occasion

Air Plant Gifts

diy air plant gifts (fast & easy)

With so many gift-giving occasions, it’s a good idea for have a few air plant gift ideas in your back pocket. Here are 4 ideas to add to your repertoire: air plant in a vase, air plant with a bow, air plants in bell cups and an air plant wreath.

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Air Plant in Tall Vase



vase for air plant gift

Begin with the vase, preferably one with straight sides.

decorative sand - air plant presents

Tilt the vase and add sand. Set the vase down and add the second color.

Juncea air plant gift

Place the air plant into the sand. Swirl the plant down into the sand to stabilize the plant. Pictured here is a Tillandsia Juncea.

Festive air plant gifts

Finish off your air plant gift with a festive bow.

Tillandsia tricolor v melanocrater gift

Here is the same idea only using dark colored rocks instead of sand. The air plant pictured is a Tillandsia tricolor v melanocrater.

diy air plant gift ideas

So sweet and so easy. These air plant gifts are ready to go.

TIP: Be sure to let the receiver know how to care for air plants. I can just imagine a well-meaning recipient filling the vase with water.

Air Plant in Short Vase

Follow the instructions above.

rocks, bows and vase for air plants

Use a short vase for air plants that are wide, rather than tall and grass-like.

Beautiful air plant gift ideas

This peach capitata steals the show in this short vase filled with pebbles and finished with a ribbon.

Air Plant in Vase–Suspended in Air


All the materials for the Tall Vase, plus:

wire-wrapped air plant stem

To suspend the air plant in air, use floral wire to wrap the end of the air plant leaving about 12″ of wire on the end. Optional: thread beads on the wire.

using wire with air plants

Loosely coil the long end of the wire and place it inside the vase. Next, begin adding rocks or sand to stabilize the wire and the attached air plant.

This Tillandsia peach capitata is wrapped in wire and secured with rocks. This display shows off what’s so great about air plants: air suspension!

Air Plant with Bow


Tying an air plant with a ribbon and gifting it as-is is an quick gift. It also makes an original bow to top a gift box and party favor. Having a formal dinner? Set the air plant on the plate.

ribbon - air plant gifts

Weave the ribbon through the bottom leaves of the air plant.

caput-medusae - bow

Tied with a ribbon this Tillandsia caput-medusae is looking pretty spiffy.

Peach capitata tied with ribbon

Tied with a ribbon this peach capitata is ready to gift.

Bell Cup Air Plant Holders


Instructions: Easy As 1-2-3

First, spray paint a bell cup.

Add your embellishment. Choose something that gives a nod to the occasion. In this case I’ve added holly berries for Christmas.

blushing peach capitata - gifting air plants

This peach capitata is getting ready to bloom. Note the tale-tell sign of the peach-colored center.

Air Plant Gift Ideas - Caput-Medusae in bell cup

This Tillandsia caput-medusae makes a stunning holiday gift.

Holiday Air Plant Wreath



Snugly wrap wreath with Spanish moss.

Poke dried flowers into wreath. Tillandsia ioanthas make good filler air plants and the red abdidta adds the wow factor. Secure with hot glue or floral adhesive.

TIP: The air plants will last longer if they can be removed from the wreath and soaked in water. If you need a more permanent solution, glue the air plants to the wreath and include a spray bottle to mist the plants.

Gorgeous air plant wreath

Lookin’ good. and put together in under 10 minutes!

white candle air plant wreath

Nothing says ‘holiday’ like a wreath around a candle.

red candle air plant wreath

A red candle highlights the red in the red abdita air plant.

orchid - air plant wreath

Create this pretty centerpiece by placing orchids in the center of the wreath.

mini orchids - air plant wreath

What better house-warming gift than this air plant wreath embracing this delightful mini orchid?

There You Have It

You’re prepared for any gift-giving opportunity. These simple gift ideas can be put together in a flash and won’t break the bank. The wreath is definitely the most involved and will need a little forethought. I had to order those materials on-line, but everything else is easy to find.