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Air Plant Wreath

Learn how to make your own air plant Wreath

Get ready to design your own air plant wreath. They are so simple to make and look gorgeous! With just a few simple supplies and step-by-step instructions, you’ll be set–ready to make your own wreaths.

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Create your own air plant wreath with thi


Let’s Get Started

Spanish moss for air plant wreath

STEP 1: Begin by spreading a bit of Spanish moss around the grapevine. The moss can really stick together so you may have to trim it off with your scissors when you have enough.

Some air plants have a natural hook

STEP 2: Add the air plants. Some air plants have a natural “hook” that can be used to hang the plant to secure it to the grapevine.

Add air plants to your wreath

STEP 2 Continued…As not all air plants come with their own “hook,” another useful option is to pry open a gap between the grapevines and insert the plant.

Use an odd number of plants

STEP 2 Continued…An odd number of plants is pleasing to the eye.

Embellish your air plant wreath

STEP 3: Embellish the wreath. When cutting a stem, leave a few inches so that the flowers can be easily tucked into the wreath.

Easy as 1-2-3 - a beautiful air plant wreath

Easy As 1-2-3

In only 3 steps you too can make an air plant wreath. First, cover the grapevine with a bit of Spanish moss. Second, add the air plants in odd numbers. Third, embellish the wreath.

Display the Wreath

If you want a tabletop arrangement the wreath doesn’t need to be hung, just lay it down on your table. Tabletop wreath stands and traditional door wreath hangers also work well.

tabletop wreath standdoor wreath hanger


If the air plants were glued into place, regularly mist the plants with a spray bottle-this could be a daily affair if you have the time. If you didn’t use glue, remove the plants from the wreath once a week and soak in a basin of water. Allow the plants to dry upside-down for about 4 hours before returning to the wreath.


I hope your air plant wreath brings you happiness every time you see it!

DIY – No Thank You

I get it. DIY isn’t for everyone. That’s why I’ve provided a link to purchase a ready-made air plant wreath if that is more your speed.