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Air Plant Pots - bonsai pots

Wanted: perfect air plant pot

Finding the perfect pot for air plants can be frustrating because there aren’t any pots made with air plants in mind. Most pots are too deep. Some are too shallow. We want a pot after all, not a plate.

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Found - Perfect Air Plant Pots

With its delicate leaves and round base this tillandsia fuchsii looks right at home atop the gold and tan rocks in this pearlized vanilla bonsai pot.

found: the perfect air plant pot

That’s when I discovered Bonsai Jack’s pots. Though made with bonsai in mind, they’re just right forĀ air plants as well.

Perfect compliments - air plants and bonsai plants

After placing the air plant, in this case a T. tricolor v melanocrater, inside the bonsai pot, simply pour a top dressing around the plant.

Use a chopstick to tidy up the air plant display

This stainless steel chopstick is handy for tidying up the display.

All finished air plant + bonsai pot

And there you have it! Air Plant + Bonsai Pot + Top Dressing = A Match Made in Heaven

What’s So Great About These Pots Anyway?

These Japapese-style bonsai pots passed 3 design tests: size and color and shape.


Bonsai pots are shallow, yet still maintain a distinct pot shape. All of the pots pictured below are 4 inches wide and are less than 1 1/2 inches deep and hold about a of cup of substrate.


When looking for a pot, we want a POT! And that means great color. The rich glazes on these pots are truly beautiful-lots of depth. Pictured below are a sampling of the colors that Bonsai Jack offers.


These pots come in a variety of pleasing shapes including: oval, rectangular, clipped corners and oval with a lip.

Bonsai Jack's Pots

Maroon air plant pot

The red center of this tillandsia ioantha fuego is complimented by red lava rock and an oval dark amber fire 4 inch bonsai pot.


The bright green leaves of this Tillandsia brachycaulos are enhanced by the deep blue of the pot and the reds and blues of the crushed granite substrate.

Caput-Medusae in Vanilla Bonsai Pot

She’s Medusae and proud of it! This caput-medusae stands tall in this pearlized vanilla bonsai pot finished with light pastel pebbles.

Top Dressing

Top dressings serves both practical and decorative purposes. First, it adds stability to the plant so that it can be positioned without the aid of roots. Second, the top dressing gives the air plant display a polished finish, complimenting both the plant and the pot.

An assortment of top-dressings are available from Bonsai Jack. My favorites include: light pastel pebbles, gold and tan pebbles, crushed granite, monto clay, red and black lava rock.

These top dressings are clean and natural. No dyes or harmful chemicals are used to enhance the color of the dressings.

Light Pastel Pebbles for Air Plant Display

The light pastel pebbles give a hint of color and a lot of class.

Gold and Tan Pebbles for Displaying Air Plants

The gold and tan pebbles are my favorite.

Monto Clay substrate for air plant desert scene

Monto Clay is perfect for that desert landscape.

Crushed Granite as Air Plant Media

Indigo blues and rusty reds make this crushed granite substrate a stunning color choice.

Definitely go with this naturally black lava rock than the paint-stained substrates that are commonly available.

Red Lava Rock for Displaying Air Plants

The maroon color of the lava rock looks nice against an air plant’s green leaves.

Bonsai Jack Top Dressing Sampler

It’s That Easy!

Choose your air plant, your pot and your top dressing and you’ve got it- a beautiful air plant display in the perfect pot!

  1. Fiona says:

    I, too, am so glad to have discovered you and your advice. My first airplant died because I really thought it needed just a spray now and again. Now I have four and all of them are flourishing since reading all your posts. Two are developing flowers and all of them are growing. I think airplants are fascinating!

  2. Jane Ornelas says:

    Anna, Two years ago I got ten Air Plants. They arrived as 1/3 inch plants. I have followed every advice I could find online. I ended up losing 6 plants. Then I found you. I have followed your every instruction and my 4 remaining are plants are growing. They are now 1 inch tall. Thank you so much for all your help.

    1. Anna says:

      Thank you, Jane! You made my day!

  3. janie hall says:

    How often should I water an air plant. Do u take out of rocks each time to water

    1. Anna says:

      Soaking the air plant once a week for 20 minutes or so has worked great for me. Yes, I always remove my air plant from its display to water. After watering a set the air plant upside-down for several hours to allow excess water to drain away from the plant and prevent rot.

  4. Santa Mike says:

    Thanks for the beautiful Ideas.
    Santa Mike

    1. Anna says:

      You are welcome, Santa Mike!

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