Dreamcatchers Come Alive with Air Plants

Sweet Dreams Guaranteed!


dreamcatchers &

air plants

According to Native American lore, dreams, both good and bad, surround us as we sleep. Nightmares are tangled in the dreamcatchers web while the good dreams slip down the hanging feathers and on to us as we sleep. Dreamcatchers enhanced with air plants deliver peace and tranquility both day and night.

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Who knew? dreamcatchers and air plants are a perfect combo

3 Styles

Although there are about a bazillion ways to create a dreamcatcher, we’ll go through 3 different styles: boho, traditional and shabby chic. The 1st is made a with a stick and a necklace, the 2nd is a created with a traditional woven center, the 3rd uses a purchased doily.

Stick and Necklace Boho Style



Cover the hoop with yarn. You can wrap yarn around the hoop, or you can cover it like it did, crocheting around the hoop.

crochet around hoop video tutorial`

square knot to secure yarn - dreamcatcher

Lash the stick to the hoop, using the same yarn that you did to cover the hoop. Wrap the yarn around the stick and secure the yarn with a square knot.

Lash stick to hoop - dreamcatcher

Wrap the yarn under the hoop and around the stick in an X pattern.

cut necklace - dreamcatcher

Cut the necklace so that it is one long string. To keep beads from flying off the string, use a necklace that is knotted between beads.

weave necklace around hoop and stick

Then wrap the necklace between the stick and the lower half of the loop.

loop yarn around hoop

Determine the length of the desired trim and cut it double your desired length. Fold the trim in half and loop over the hoop.

add beads to trim - dreamcatcher

Using a blunt embroidery needle, slide beads on to the trim.

hot glue feathers

Take about 3 feathers with their ends together add a bit of hot glue to the tips.

feather and beads for dreamcatcher

Just for fun, I’ve also added rocks from a wind-chime.

Tuck necklace behind air plant leaves

Now for the air plants, nestle the air plants into twig and strand of beads. To secure the plants, you can glue them into place. Or, simply tuck necklace behind air plant leaves.

airplants - dreamcatcher

Play around with the air plants and the necklace until the air plants are secure. Shown are T. harrisii. If desired, tie a pendant to hang from the top. In this case, I’m using a polished blue rock.

Boho style dreamcatcher

All finished: a boho style dreamcatcher.


Traditional Style Dreamcatcher



wrap ribbon around the ring for dreamcatcher

Add a dab of hot glue to the metal ring to attach the ribbon to the ring. Then wrap the ribbon around the ring.

secure ribbon with another dab of glue

When the ring is completely covered with the ribbon, add a bit of glue to the end of the ribbon to secure the ribbon.

To learn how to weave the dreamcatcher, I followed watched this video. It’s kind of long, but it walked me through the whole process.

Weave dreamcatcher

traditonal woven center - dreamcatcher

Traditional woven dreamcatcher embellished with shells.

Slide beads on to yarn

Cut yarn double the desired length of the yarn and slip yarn over the hoop tying it to the hoop. Using an embroidery needle, slide beads on to the yarn. To fix the placement of the bead, tie a know so that the bead cannot slide past the knot. As described above, add a bead of hot glue to the end of 3 feathers, then press the feathers against the end of a piece of yarn. Next, slide a bead over the end of the feathers.

Secure air plants with yarn

Loop yarn around the lower leaves of the air plant then tie to the dreamcatcher. This is easier said than done. You will have to play around with the yarn and air plants to get it right. Also, it’s a lot easier if the dreamcatcher is lying down on a table rather than trying to attach the air plants while it’s hanging on the wall.

Air plants with traditional dreamcatcher

Air plants with a traditional dreamcatcher.


Shabby Chic Dreamcatcher



glue trim to hoop

Begin by hot gluing trim around the outside edge of the outside hoop.

doily on embroidery hoop

Place doily in the hoop. Tighten the screw and pull doily tight.

trim away excess doily

Using a sharp pair of scissors, trim away the excess doily and glue in place.

glue trim in place

Cut trim and glue in place. To avoid getting burned you can use a pencil or chopstick to press the ribbon into the hot glue.

string beads

String beads onto ribbons.

apply hot glue to feathers

Apply a dot of hot glue to end of feathers. Push feathers inside the bead at the end of the ribbon.

Place air plants into a hole in the doily

Place air plants into a hole in the doily.


Air plants and dreamcatcher with doily

Air plants and shabby chic dreamcatcher with a doily


Your Turn

My hope that that one of these three, or a combination of these styles, will inspire you to create your own dreamcatcher–with air plants.